Luco Large Blocks fit Kapla and Keva with Wheels 36 Pieces


Luco Large Blocks 36 Pieces

Fit standard planks like Keva and KAPLA.

With Unique easy to assemble wheels, so much fun. Easy to handle and beautiful product.

Do you have standard Toy Planks like Kapla or Keva but you have not got Luco Blocks yet? Then this is your chance to buy them. Because with our Blocks your child can actually play with the built creations. You can do so much more with Luco Blocks than with standard planks. With our unique patented H-Blocks and planks you can actually construct, hold an play. Very good for motor skills and for your child’s imagination

Finally you can buy Eco Friendly blocks that can actually interlock so you can move all the buildings that your child created.

This set has 36 elements so you can build awesome things like a large airplane, vehicles or imaginative animals. You can now hold your airplane and fly with it holding it. Because the blocks stay together.

The blocks are made of rubber wood. The rubber trees do not produce rubber anymore and get a second chance.

Luco Blocks are children’s and educational professional’s and care givers’ favorite.

The Luco Blocks have a really nice touch and feel. We really wanted to create blocks without plastics and only use eco friendly material. Our Luco Blocks are a combination of standard Toy Planks and LEGO. But our Blocks are unique and made of 100 % natural Wood. Rubber trees that do not produce rubber anymore. This way the wood gets a second chance.

Luco Blocks enhances imagination and creativity. The Blocks are open ended. With our blocks you have thousands of possibilities. You are not playing 2D, not 3D but 4D. You can create anything you can imagine. From Animals, airplanes, trains, trees, figures, robots or sports gear. The wheels can be used as wheels but also as a face or a hand or foot. Nothing is impossible. Luco is just lots of fun.

Luco has a nice design and fits in every interior and is the best birthday of Christmas present ever.


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Yes, we now have new Luco Large blocks that fit standard planks.

Easy to handle and strong.

So much more fun than standard planks with this beautiful set.

Unlimited possibilities to build Robots, animals, cars, buildings and many other creatures.