Luco Large Blocks fit Kapla and Keva with Wheels 72 Pieces

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These Luco Large Blocks fit standard toy planks like #Kapla #Keva or #BBlocks.

A beautiful set of our Luco Large Blocks with many elements, so more children can play at the same time. With these 72 elements you have more fun as you can build different items at the same time. Buildings, vehicles, figures, animals a robot a tennis racket. Anything you can imagine.

With our blocks it is possible to hold and play with your self-made statue or figure because our blocks interlock very well.Made from rubberwood. Our rubber trees do not produce natural rubber anymore. We use this wood to make our blocks. Such a beautiful way of recycling. Every tree deserves a second chance. No plastic, but eco-friendly construction elements.

You could describe Luco as a combination of standard toy planks (Like Keva or Kapla) and Lego. 100% natural and unique. Luco stimulates the imagination and creativity of children because it is open ended.  The blocks can be used in many different ways. Not 2D or 3D, but 4D.

Luco has a beautiful design, appealing for everybody. Luco Large blocks have a nice feel and touch.  Educational professionals, caregivers, parents love our blocks. And most importantly children have many hours of fun!!

Fun for at home in the waiting room or  in the classroom.

2 manuals included.


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Yes, we now have new Luco Large blocks that fit standard planks.

Easy to handle and strong.

So much more fun than standard planks with this beautiful set.

Unlimited possibilities to build Robots, animals, cars, buildings and many other creatures.   luco large 2 times 36 72 pieces sets wooden planks and blocks with wheels