wooden blocks-eco friendly by Luco toys

Ecofriendly wooden construction blocks by Lucotoys

We are so happy that you found our eco fun and intelligent blocks! These times have taught us that it is time for a change. It is time to chose mindful sustainable and give our children the chance to play with natural products.

Our blocks are made of Rubber wood. Rubber trees that are out of rubber and get a second chance. Super eco friendly!

Our fun wooden toy blocks are getting more popular every day by educational Professionals, Parents and most importantly Children.

Luco Toy Blocks are the only interlocking fully wooden Eco Construction Blocks and planks in the world. No magnets nor plastic parts! Fun Toy blocks for our Children’s Future.

Why would we still give our precious young children plastic waste toys? There is enough garbage on our beautiful planet earth and studies have shown that playing with wooden construction building materials enhances our children’s development and motor skills. The different shapes fit easily and are not pre shaped, which is good for Children’s 4D insight Creativity and Imagination.

The bricks can interlock to make any creature; from Animals to Airplanes, Cars, Houses, high rises or Rockets. They interlock so you can actually hold and play with self made designs.

Educational professionals are enthusiastic about our Luco Blocks and many people buy our blocks for at home as well. Our intelligent blocks are beautifully colored so boys and girls love playing with them. See hereunder the 3 construction sets we offer now :

About our blocks:

Our Luco Large blocks are our best sellers for kids of age 3-99. They fit standard wooden planks like Keva, Bblocks or Kapla. Our Luco Large Blocks sets now have wheels for more fun.

Of course they are tested, child safe and the paint is water based.

Luco’s Super Skills:

  • Unique eco interlocking blocks and planks.
  • Worldwide patented.
  • Only 4 shapes and 1.000.000 possibilities
  • With only H-shapes bricks and planks you can rebuild the world or the future.
  • From buildings, to animals, creatures, vehicles, people, robots, plants, Superwomen anything is possible.
  • Enhances creativity and 3d and 4d insight of our children.
  • Our blocks develop fine motor skills.
  • Sustainable beautiful packaging.
  • Our blocks are colored with water based paint. Tested, certified and child safe.
  • STEM toy

With our unique Luco wooden blocks children can play for hours use their 3D skills increase fine motor skills build imagination and  nurture their creativity.

When we were looking for construction toys for our son in common large sized toy shops, we were shocked about the amount of plastic junk we found. How can we give our precious children plastic throw away products and tell them to save the planet at the same time? How can we poison their brains like this? Walking in the most common Toy shops still makes us a bit sad. “Where does all this garbage end up?” is all that goes through our minds.

As Industrial Designers we wanted to create sustainable toys for our children. That is how we came up with our unique ecofriendly sustainable wooden construction Blocks. Made of rubber wood. Trees out of rubber that get a second chance to enhance children’s development. We are grateful that our blocks have become a succes and that we can change our planet a bit. And now you can as well! Let’s connect some more and love our planet and each other.

Reviews of our wooden toy bricks and planks:

The Luco blocks were a great hit with our children and kept them very engrossed. The children were able to explore their imaginations whilst developing fine motor skills. The Luco blocks are bright, colourful and durable perfect for this age range. Would highly recommend them as our parents have commented on them already.
Lorna Jenkinson, Nursery Manager, Pinocchio’s Children Nursery, ​Esbank- UK

By Lady Jdubbleon July 10, 2020 , USA

The Luco Wood Bricks promote creativity, improves concentration, helps your children develop a technical way of thinking, promotes imagination and is just simply FUN!

When my children and I first opened the box the first thing I noticed was the handy little carrying case. My children on the other hand noticed the different colors and shapes right away. I allowed my youngest son, who is 4 years old, to play with the blocks first and surprisingly he played with them for hours! He was building so many different designs and had a blast putting different things together. When he was through with the Luco Wooden Building Blocks I thought I would have a mess laid out on the floor for me but to my surprise he placed all the blocks neatly in the cute carrying case that was provided. Two thumbs up fro Luco toys and Green Frog for that idea! Each of my children, ages 4, 5 and a 9, enjoy the blocks and have already asked me to get more.

By Bryan Cornellon July 12th, 2022, USA
I bought these building blocks for my daughter because she absolutely loves building blocks!

With these, there are so many variations and it gives children a very broad building experience.
My daughter (who is only 3), will not stop playing with them! Great investment to keep a toddler
preoccupied…Money spent well!!

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