Review of wooden construction set Luco toys

Review of wooden planks and blocks Luco Toys

On Amazon and Walmart , one can find an overload of toys, but not all are sustainable and eco friendly. Sustainable toys are made of ecological materials that are sustainably sourced, made so that they can last for a long time.

Just look at the toys your parents may have kept from back in the day. Besides Lego and Duplo, it often concerns wooden blocks, a wooden train set and or a wooden rocking horse. If they have kept it, you will also find it in very good condition. Sustainable also means that it lasts a long time and can therefore be used for longer, even generation to generation.

I was introduced to Luco Toys by a good befriended teacher and received  a Luco large blocks and planks, an eco-friendly innovative wooden construction set. Wooden toys that fit Kapla or Keva planks, for example. Sustainable construction toys.

Luco toys wooden construction set review:

Lucotoys are wooden toy blocks made of sustainable hardwood (rubber wood) and painted with ecological water-based paint, without toxic substances. Packed in cardboard, made from recycled paper, with as little ink as possible. In addition, our set came with a fabric storage bag in which the blocks fit. Sustainable toys with which countless constructions can be built, taking nature into account.

The toy is suitable for children from about 2 years old. You can build a lot with it, the more blocks the bigger your structure, but you can also combine it with, for example, Kapla, BBlocks and Keva building blocks. The material is sturdy and the structures can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Luco Large Set

We have received a Luco Large Set, with 36 blocks. Suitable for children from about 3 years old. The Luco Large Set consists of a set with wheels, long and shorter planks and H blocks. In addition, Luco large is compatible with Kapla, keva or B-blocks planks. The set comes with a cotton storage bag, in which you can store the blocks properly after opening the cardboard packaging. It is a very colourful set, with green, orange, blue, red and blank wood coloured blocks.

wooden planks and bricks from Luco

Because we went on vacation for a week and we couldn’t take too many toys with us, I decided to take this set and see how my children (6 and 7 years old) would play with it. They didn’t know it yet and we didn’t bring any other wooden blocks, so only this set. There is a manual with some examples of structures you can make with the blocks in this set. Yet it also invites you to come up with your own creations. Building the structures of the examples is fairly easy for my kids and they enjoy doing it. They prefer to come up with all kinds of shapes themselves. In addition, the 4 wheels really add value, so they can drive around with them.

Using the 36 blocks and planks , you can built many buildings and constructions ( think of bridges).

In my experience, children will start playing with it themselves if you place the blocks with them, on the table or on the floor.

I think the Luco construction set consists of very beautiful blocks and in general it has lovely uni-sex colours It is a  good thought that children play with toys that do not contain toxic substances when they are in their mouths (young children), it is also  a good thing that there are toys that take the environment into account, but also toys that are sturdy and lasts a long time; durable.

the final verdict:

I am enthusiastic about Luco Toys, I think the number of 36 blocks is sufficient for the younger children. For older children you need more blocks and planks , like the 72 elements set for longer fun. Then I would also expand it with, for example, with Kapla. The older children often also want more elaborate constructions. For example, my son regularly asked for more wheels. I think this toy is very nice for children between 2 and 7 years old, but also fun afterwards if you have more to build with.

review of blocks planks and bricks
The Luco 36 set we reviewed