Distribution lucotoys wooden toy



Our business development team has set up distribution in the following countries with these carefully selected partners :

Facebook : www.facebook.com/KidDistri/
Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/company/kid-distri/
Instagram : www.instagram.com/kiddistri/

  • Sweden: Krabat
  • Norway
  • Spain: Juguear-lucotoys.es
  • China: Contact us or Miller Zhu
  • Japan: FUNAZAWA Co.,ltd
  • Netherlands Webshop partner : houtenblokkenspeelgoed.
  • Belgium Webshop partner

We are in search for distribution or agents in USA, Mexico, Italia, Denmark, Ireland, Canada.

Luco distribution

Our aim is to be available all around the world in every country and in specialty wooden toy shops, museumshops or giftshop. Nowadays Luco toys can be found in many shops and online on our own SHOP;

If you have a website, a toy shop, a general merchandising shop , gift shop or another mortar and brick store you can add lucotoys to improve your product range and profits. After the corona time (2020-2021) retail is back again , and we see a change in the popularity of specialty shops such as eco and durability shops with trendy products. Faire, Ankorstore and Creaota are new b2b website that follow these trends and let retailers connect with artisan brands such as LUCO.

If you have a shop in eg. USA or the UK you could try Luco in small quantities . You could make an initial order with Faire as we have good experience with them. Faire will pay for the distribution. ( Fedex DHL fee) and gives you a 100 USD discount on the initial order. Please follow the form hereunder to be a fair member.