How to

In this section we explain how to play with Luco toys our inventive wooden blocks.  As we have 4 different building blocks endless constructions, building architecture, animal, robots can be built.

So here we go!

How to play with Luco wooden blocks toys?

Playing with Luco is fun and easy in our 65 pieces building block set we have 22 planks , 13 crosses, 12 wide H blocks and the long H blocks.

All blocks can fit in the long H gaps. So also the long H blocks can fit into each other.

The cross blocks can be fit in the H blocks but also into the wide H block. This way you create angular sections in your building or construction.

The plank is a real “connector ” and can connect the long H blocks but also the small H blocks. Create also different angled sections with the plank into the wide H- brick.

One of the most uses connections are the wide H with the long H. this can be done in many different ways..

Do you have another possibility of connecting our bricks? let us know via [email protected]


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