Luco wooden Blocks vs LEGO Bricks

Luco wooden Blocks vs LEGO Bricks

During my studies industrial design engineering I told my tutor that I wanted to do my traineeship abroad. I only had some months left and he told me that I was probably too late to arrange a traineeship like that. He offended me so much that the fighter in me started. I was going to prove him wrong. Who was he to tell me that I could not go abroad?! I scanned job websites and magazines.
I found a job at LEGO in Billund. Of course I could not apply for the job, but I did have a name. I emailed a nice letter and my portfolio. Encouraged by my older sister I called him a couple of days later. How nervous I was. I asked him if he received my letter. He did, but he did not have time at the moment. So I called him again two days later. He answered again that he did not know if there was any space available for trainees. I asked him:”When do you know if there is a possibility?” He answered:”Tomorrow.” And so I called him again and he had some good news for me.

Within 2 months I could start one of the best times of my life. A perfectly arranged traineeship in one of the best companies of the world. I was so privileged to see all different departments and could actually make my own designed parts, which are still sold!

Little did I know that after almost 18 years of working in the design and engineering field (mostly in Asia) my partner and I started our own eco friendly wooden toy brand.

Today we were building display statues for retail shops and it reminded me of my time at Lego. We are doing exactly everything that this billion dollar company is doing and we love it. Later I asked the manager at LEGO why he picked me for the traineeship. He answered:”Because you were so persistent.” I still feel that drive and that is what keeps me going. Every family should have at least one set of our eco friendly fun and smart Luco blocks for a fun and better future.

C. voskuilen

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