5 reasons to choose for wooden construction blocks

Let’s be honest; A toy is the ideal present for kids of all ages..  But what toy, and there are so much toys to choose from in specilaty shops are large toy shops and  the webstores such as amazon, bol.com offer even a wider range of toys then the normal mortar n brick shops ..

Wooden toys have been around for centuries, but since the 20th century, plastic toy invaded our society. Let’s start and promote again for wooden toys! Why?  Here under we describe five reasons to opt for wooden toys.

1. Wooden Toys are ecologically

The “basic ingredients” to manufacturer wooden toys? Wood, glue, screws and any water-based paint. For plastic toy is this is a total different story. Not to mention the production process of this plastics toys or the use of lead-containing paints and the like. Apart from the health effects on children, there are, of course, the environmental impacts of plastics such as PVC. So is there on an annual basis no less than 100,000 kilo and 20000 kilo lead-free mercury in our environment. In addition, PVC is absolutely not biodegradable. It is recyclable but it cannot be vanished.

Rubber tree

Wooden toys will be used for years, and they also are produced in a sustainable manner. With a beautiful piece of wooden toys you will give a  tree a second life. A good example of this is the rubber tree. When the rubber tree about 15 years old, this stops producing rubber. Where this rubber trees were burned in the past, they are now cut down towooden toys. This way will prevent annually about 600,000 hectares of natural tropical forest is cut down. Hape bamboo toy is made out of bamboo by a private constructed and maintained bamboo forest. Beyond replant producers of wooden toys a lot offorests so as to maintain the balance.

Lucotoys is also a leader in creating new materials and processes. In addition to rubber wood Luco toys used eco friendly lacquer and recycled carboard for their packing materials 
This results in beautiful eco- packaging!

2. Wooden Toys are durable

Another great advantage of wooden toys is their durability. There where your own child plays with the wooden train set it;s grand father,  plastics or rubber toys, ends up soon in the trash can.
Just think of the plastic fire truck with deafening siren you child at the fair won. Or the beach set that at most a holiday life. Good quality wooden toys is indestructible and @life” for generations. Therefore schools and nurseries opt for wooden toys. Wooden toy blocks are more expensive than plastic toys, however toys  made of wood have an endless  lifetime.
boy playing with wooden block toys from luco toy

wooden block toys

3. Wooden Toys stimulate the imagination of your child

Plastic toys are in numerous variations and have the brightest colors,  they are often equipped with light and sound It’s ideal to get the attention of your child and to sometimes to irritate the parents.
In itself there is nothing wrong with plastics toy but you find that your child there quickly on looking forward.Learn something or logical, because the creativity will appeal to these toys usually don’t. Wooden toys is simpler. It opens the door to a boundless imagination and stimulates creativity.
Wood is a natural material that takes the temperature of your hand so that it’s nice and warm to the touch. The smell, the texture, the weight and the sound of woodencourages the development of the senses. Simple wooden toys is often not to in the smallest detail finished, which stimulates the imagination and creativity of your child.A wooden blokkenset for example, also stimulates the motor and intellectualdevelopment. Just think of counting the cubes, the same colors together or making apile ever higher. A hammer bench stimulates the eyehand coordination.
Active mind
Wooden toys asks what ‘ work. It is not a toy where you hit a button and hear on which letter of the alphabet you have just pushed. Your child must push, pull, twisting what leads to an active mind. Wooden toys also promotes the play together of parents and children. There is more incentive to play.

4. Wooden Toys are safe

We all want our children to play, but toys should be remain safe. That is also why we choose for wooden toys. In the production of plastic toys somettimes harmful substances can be find. Also the ingestion of small pieces of plastic can be a health hazard for small kids. And we all know how often small children something in their mouths. So think twice before you buy plastic baby and children’s products. Wooden toys contain no plastics or other toxins. They are made from natural materials so much safer for your child.

5. Wooden Toys are of timeless design

Blocks, a rocking horse, a wooden bike, a pushtoy. 
You know these classics without any doubt from your own childhood. These are the kind of toys that we all played long well. And our parents. And our grandparents. In a time of high-tech gadgets keep kids still build, rocking and drive away. Might be on your old rocking horse? Creep in the attic ofGrandma and Grandpa & go looking for wooden treasures! Toys that is passed from generation to generation has that little bit extra. And then we come to our next point: sustainability.

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