Wooden toy building bricks blocks brands

Thank you for your interest in our Lucotoys  wooden toy building blocks and brick brand.  

Our Aim is to produce eco-wooden toys that contribute to the educational development of every child. So playing with luco toys contributes and stimulates the mental toughness of a child, the logical and lateral thinking, the solution-oriented work and creative thinking.

We can guarantee hours of fun if your child plays with our 36 or 72 set construction toy set, playing solo or together ina classroom.

Our company’s strive is to sell our construction wooden building sets Worldwide, and to obtain the Luco brand in all kinds specialty shops, webshops, design toy stores and retail channels. If you have a webshop and want to sell Luco toys please email us for the possibilities.
We accept small orders with a MOQ of 20 pieces of the retails sets.
We have distribution channels in France, UK, China, Australia, Spain and The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The reactions of children, child care professionals, teacher and parents are overwhelmingly positive. The products are gender neutral, suitable for both boys and girls in different age groups. And of course our toys meets the required legal environmental and safety requirements. Our company support projects that can improve the social position of children such as the poor kids in Vietnam, Pleuku and the Phillipines and we take care of our planet.

A happy planet, a happy future.

Making educational and colorful products at an affordable price. 

If you need more information about the 10 main benefits of playing with unit blocks read this article.

Not only, we the inventors of Luco toys, but also parents and of course Early childhood teachers, and scientist, believe that every play and class room, but also in your home must  have a full set of unit blocks, of course combined with a large open space if possible to build, construct or make new fantasies, creatures or structures (building architecture).

From an interview from real ELC experts we found out what I canvassed NAEYC staff and Young “What do they think children learn through block play?” Here are some of their answers :