10 reasons to play with Luco wooden building block set at school

Luco building blocks sets ( either the large 260 pc sets or the smaller 65 pc set) are ideal to play with your pupils at school)

  1.  Offers 3D learning experiences suitable for Early Years.
  2. Supports hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
  3. Develops social interaction skills.
  4. Develops self-expression ability.
  5. Helps cause and effect understanding.
  6. Builds cognitive skills.
  7. Provides a natural way for children to learn about science and early engineering skills.
  8. Promotes confidence, creativity, fantasy play and perseverance and problem-solving skills.
  9. Fuels imaginative play.
  10. Luco bricks are great fun.



if you need to know the 10 benefits of unit block play

than read our article, This article describes the 10 main benefits of playing with unit blocks .

Not only , we the inventors of Luco toys, but also parents and of course Early childhood teachers, and scientist, believe that every play and class room , but also in your home must have a full set of unit blocks, of course combined with a large open space if possible to build, construct or make new fantasies, creatures or structures ( building architecture) read more….